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by Michael on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

javita review, coffee home business

If you’re looking for a Javita review, then you have come to the right place my friend. Here, I will give you all the detail you need to know about the Javita coffee home business, so you can make an informed decision as to whether this business opportunity is for you or not.

Javita is a MLM company in a $100 billion dollar global industry, and is looking to become the premier coffee company in the direct selling industry. With a scheduled launch date of June 2011, Javita has ambitions of operating in over 20 countries.

Read more about this coffee MLM in this Javita review….

An Unbiased Javita Review

As much as it is my aim to provide you with accurate information pertaining to this coffee MLM Opportunity, I have no control over Javita’s policies and procedures. In essence, these can change at any time, and some of the information within this post may become outdated or obsolete. As you read this Javita review, I encourage you to verify all information with Javita’s main website, policies and procedures.

Background and Leadership

This coffee MLM Company is based in Florida USA, and is a sister company to Waiora, a Network Marketing company that develops and distributes Healthy Aging products.

The company has stated that its goal is to create 100,000 debt-free households, 1,000 six-figure income earners, and 10 millionaires by the end of 2012; that is a very ambitious goal for this coffee Network Marketing Business Opportunity.

Javita was started by a group of business people who believe in the direct-selling style of distribution, and amongst them, they have over a century’s worth of direct-selling industry experience.

Stanley J. Cherelstein heads Javita Coffee Company. He is also the CEO and president of Waiora. He has also had experience with Unicity and Rexall Showcase International.

This Javita review won’t go in-depth into the exact leadership defining qualities of Stanley J. Cherelstein and his team, but it’s worth noting his leadership experience in the network marketing industry.

Being a MLM company, headed by such experienced leadership, with a proven track record, should only add confidence to any potential Javita independent distributors.

The video below explains more about the Javita home based business opportunity:

A Review Of The Network Marketing Coffee Industry

The coffee industry is a huge industry, and there is stiff competition within this market. There are traditional coffee brands and you only need to walk into any supermarket to see this. You have your famed coffee chain, Starbucks, and you are guaranteed all players within this marketplace want their piece of the market.

In terms of coffee network marketing companies, the Javita coffee company will undoubtedly face some competition. The following are some of the companies within this niche:

  • Organo Gold
  • JavaFit
  • Boresha Research
  • Gano Excel
  • SereniGy
  • Healthy Coffee

There are many other Coffee MLM Companies out there, each with their own differentiating product and differing compensation plans. So blending coffee and the direct selling business model is nothing new.

Though Javita coffee company is a new company, there is competition within the coffee marketplace, and any new or prospective Javita MLM Independent Distributor should bear this in mind.

Now, each of these coffee MLM Opportunities, has thousands of Independent Distributors, all trying to market themselves and their products and business opportunities. As a prospective Javita Independent Distributor, you will need to think about how you will market your MLM Business Opportunity.

Javita Coffee

Coffee is my friend, Coffee MLM Opportunity, Javita Review

Coffee is my friend—spcbrass (Flickr.com)

Javita’s main product is a coffee blend which they promote as “Coffee Evolved”. According to Javita Coffee Company, this is a proprietary blend of herbs and other natural ingredients with organic estate-grown South American coffee.

Javita plans to distinguish its coffee by providing coffee with the added benefits of health and vitality. However, this Javita review will not go into the details of the particular coffee products and their scientific compositions.

So, why would Javita start up a Network Marketing company in the coffee industry?

Firstly, Network Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get products to the end consumer. You obviously get paid for your efforts (handsomely in some cases).

Secondly, coffee is a product that everyone in the world knows. Not only that, but it’s the second most consumed drink after water. It’s also the second most traded commodity, only surpassed by oil. It’s a part of our everyday life; in business, socializing, when we wake up, etc. Roughly 200 billion cups of coffee are consumed each and every day around the world.

Coffee has countless studied, proven and documented benefits:

  • It helps you think. It gives you a mental boost and improves your cognitive function, short-term memory and concentration.
  • It helps you perform. Research shows that caffeine improves physical performance.

So, Javita has a widely consumed beverage marketed via a proven business model; bringing coffee and direct selling together.

The Hype Surrounding The Javita MLM Business Opportunity

Javita let the word out about its brand and products through their social media and viral marketing campaign, “Reserve Your Cup”. Being in pre-launch, this caught on, and a lot of people got on the bandwagon early, because it was free to reserve your spot within Javita.

People love pre-launch MLMs, but there are positives and negatives to them.

On the plus side, Javita is a sister company to Waiora, which has not had any major problems I have heard of. With Waiora’s leadership and their track record, you can only expect the same from Javita. By setting yourself up with a company while it’s in pre-launch, you could potentially sit atop a very large downline, if you work your business right.

While most pre-launch MLM companies will have their own teething problems, and will undoubtedly need time to prove themselves within their respective markets, Javita seems to be doing well. From their website, it looks like they are currently available in 30+ countries.

The hype and noise surrounding Javita, because of the pre-launch and the “Reserve Your Cup” marketing campaign seems to have spread virally and had a positive effect.

On the down side, many people would be inclined to believe any Javita scam claims they may hear. These claims come about as a result of people who do not understand or appreciate the Network Marketing business model. Another source of such claims, is people who are skeptical about the explosive growth of any such company.

A Look At The Javita Compensation Plan

The Javita review couldn’t be complete without looking at the Javita compensation plan.

Javita’s comp plan is based on the sale of coffee; there are no structure requirements, it is all volume-based. Javita independent distributors can earn 2 types of income:

  • Immediate AND
  • Long-term

These two types of income are contained within 8 income sources.

According to the Javita comp plan, distributors receive a 30% commission paid on retail sales, and this is paid weekly.

The compensation plan also includes a “Fast Start Bonus” as well as a unilevel residual bonus that pays 4% to the 14th level: this is competitive, since unilevel comp plans generally max out at 7 levels.

There is also a Manager’s and Director’s bonus. This is a monthly bonus based on a flat percentage of the company’s monthly revenue, paid out to Directors and Managers.

For a more in-depth Javita review of the compensation plan, watch the video below:

Getting Started With The Javita Business Opportunity

To get started with the Javita coffee home business, you have one of two options:

  1. Start out at a low price of US$99 OR
  2. Start out at the high price of US$599

These starting prices will get you your initial distributor kit, which comes with resources and marketing tools you need to start your business. There is also a monthly autoship of US$70.

The high price entry point gives you more product and eligibility for the company’s Rank Advancement and Matching Bonus.

Javita Success Tips: Marketing Your Coffee MLM Opportunity

Drink, share and earn! Ideally, that’s what Javita would want you to do. That of course, is easier said than done. In principle, it sounds like something you could do with your warm market. At such a point of course, the cost of product starts becoming a factor, because let’s face it, you are going to have to introduce this to many people.

Your US$70 autoship will only give you so much product.

Currently, Javita has integrated Twitter and Facebook into its marketing strategy and efforts; it’s easy for distributors to share the opportunity with their friends on the social networks, using Javita replicated websites that distributors receive. These same replicated websites, the Javita independent distributors can use for retail purchases and sign ups.

From the current marketing efforts, it looks like Javita recognizes the power of social networks. However, the key to Javita success online is to brand yourself and build relationships with people, before you can market your Home Business to them. Javita’s replicated websites will not allow you to brand yourself. These replicated websites let you immediately start telling your prospects about Javita and the wonderful Javita products and financial opportunity.

They key to succeeding with your Javita business, is to have a solid marketing strategy, as well as a way to consistently generate laser-targeted Network Marketing leads and prospects. This way, you have an unlimited number of people to talk to about your Javita MLM Business Opportunity.

The video below will give you an overview of the keys to building your coffee MLM opportunity profitably.

Javita states that independent distributors will be provided with training in terms of marketing strategies, personal development and team-building tips. However, from the way their current marketing efforts are going, it looks like that training will be geared towards immediately getting your friends to know about Javita and their products. This is a good thing, but before this happens, it’s important to build relationships with your prospects.

Javita Review: Conclusion And Summary

The Javita coffee home business seems credible, and their leadership has the necessary experience to make this business work. However, your individual success with Javita depends on your ability to market and attract laser-targeted prospects to you. If you can do this, and do it effectively, you can write your own paycheck from Javita.

I hope you found value out of this Javita review. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to add them below. If you would like to add to this Javita review, please do so within the comments section as well.

To Your Massive Success

Michael T. Makahamadze

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