Melaleuca Leads | How To Easily Attract And Keep Them

by Michael on Monday, July 25, 2011

melaleuca leads

Do you find yourself scratching your head about where to get or how to generate Melaleuca leads? Or maybe you don’t even know who you should be targeting for your business opportunity?

Perhaps you’re one of the individuals who has been encouraged or advised to buy Melaleuca leads from home business lead companies. How has that worked out for you?

In my Melaleuca review, I touched briefly on the fact that many independent consultants with the Wellness Company find it difficult to know what niche to class Melaleuca in, or how to find their core customers.

With that in mind, some reps try to sell Melaleuca products but don’t know who exactly to target. After all, the company does offer a wide array of products.

Building Your Melaleuca Business Opportunity

You have 2 options when it comes to building your Melaleuca business opportunity:

  1. Market and promote the products
  2. Recruit leaders into your business, and build a productive sales team

With the first option, you will have to push major volumes of Melaleuca products in order to make a lot of money.

In certain cases, some of your customers could be so impressed with the products and the business opportunity that they eventually become Melaleuca independent consultants and market the products as well. This only helps your sales team and your overall business opportunity grow.

With the second option, you immediately get to build a strong Melaleuca sales team, and the volume of products your team can market is increased. Your potential commission checks and residual income are also increased tremendously.

However, in both cases, Melaleuca distributors sometimes seem to have trouble coming up with people who they should target as their Melaleuca leads.

3 Keys To Building Any Business Opportunity

The 3 keys to building any home business opportunity are:

  1. Build a list of targeted leads for your business opportunity.
  2. Build a relationship with the people on that list of targeted leads.
  3. Market to your list of leads.

With your Melaleuca leads and your business opportunity, the same holds true.

So just how do you come up with the most targeted and profitable Melaleuca leads so you can sell more products and market your Melaleuca business opportunity?

How To Uncover Your Most Profitable Melaleuca Leads

Whether you decide to build your home business by leading with the Melaleuca products or the business opportunity, you need to uncover your most profitable Melaleuca leads, attract them and build your business around them. So how do you do this? Here’s how.

1. Melaleuca Products
Melaleuca products solve certain problems for people. Your job is to come up with those problems that are solved. Given the wide array of products on offer, try to target:

  • Common problems that are solved by the products OR
  • A subset of products solving common problems OR
  • A single product you are familiar with that solves certain problems.

Either way, try to come up with as many problems as possible that your products solve. As a home business entrepreneur, you are paid to solve people’s problems. To find your target market and tap into an abundant source of Melaleuca leads, you need to find out what problems you can solve, and who has those specific problems.

After coming up with as many problems as possible, next find people with these exact problems. If you do this exercise, and do it correctly, you won’t have a problem coming up with laser-targeted Melaleuca leads.

Possible target markets could include housewives who are worried about the chemicals in household cleaners, or athletes looking to live healthier lives for example.

2. Melaleuca Business Opportunity
Your Melaleuca business opportunity solves certain problems. Again, your task is to come up with as many of those problems as possible. Once you have those problems, you need to determine who exactly is facing those problems. Once you do this exercise, you can easily target the most profitable Melaleuca leads for your business opportunity.

Examples of your target market could include people recently laid off who are looking to make extra money, or real estate professionals who have been affected by the downturn in the housing market.

Why Melaleuca Leads Will Be Attracted To You

If you do this exercise Melaleuca leads will be attracted to you, and you will potentially have an abundant source of leads. This of course depends on how you will market your Melaleuca business opportunity.

This exercise will have you attracting and generating targeted Melaleuca leads, because you are solving problems and talking to your leads and prospects in terms of their problems. They are more likely to listen to you, than if you had come in talking about your products and how great they are.

Make it your business to solve other people’s problems, and you will attract Melaleuca leads like bees to honey.

To Your Success,

Michael T. Makahamadze
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