Pampered Chef Review | Can You Cook Your Way To Business Success?

by Michael on Monday, February 14, 2011

pampered chef review

If you’re looking to join Pampered Chef, or to improve upon your knowledge of this business opportunity, this Pampered Chef review will give you information to help you determine what’s possible with the Pampered Chef business opportunity.

Some people have managed to cook their way to six-figure (and beyond) incomes with Pampered Chef. Is this really possible? Read this Pampered Chef review to find out more…

An Overview Of The Pampered Chef Business

Pampered Chef was founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher, and is involved in the Direct Sales industry, marketing high-quality kitchen tools for the average home. These kitchen tools are marketed by Pampered Chef Distributors through home parties. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and has a very good rating with them.

Having offices in the US, the UK, Germany and Canada among other countries, Pampered Chef has made giant strides in the network marketing and home business industry, increasing sales and revenue each and every year. This has culminated in the purchase, in 2002, of the company by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

This Pampered Chef review simply tells you that the company is in a growing industry, and the confidence of Warren Buffet in this company should wipe away any Pampered Chef scam questions.

As an individual, roughly USD$200 will get you a consultant kit, and will get you started as a Pampered Chef consultant.

Pampered Chef Consultant Reviews: What They Are Saying

Pampered Chef Consultants and product users are generally raving fans of the company’s products, recipes and kitchen tools. A search on the top search engines shows you Pampered Chef Consultant reviews, as well as independent consumer reviews of the Pampered Chef kitchen tools and products. Most of the reviews are positive, so the Pampered Chef range of products, according to the reviews, may be of a very high quality.

Given the Pampered Chef company has personnel dedicated to enhancing and adding to their product range, it’s no wonder there are such positive Pampered Chef reviews of the products.

However, if you are looking to become a Pampered Chef Consultant, don’t just believe in every Pampered Chef review you come across. Visit the Pampered Chef website, and have a look at the products yourself, to determine if these are the kind of products you would be passionate about promoting.

How Pampered Chef Consultants Make Money

Pampered Chef Distributors get paid for marketing the company’s products, and the more products you can market and sell, the more money you can potentially make. You get paid a commission based on your total sales and your commission percentage increases for increased sales (up to a limit).

By building a team of other Pampered Chef Consultants into their business opportunity, a Pampered Chef distributor also gets paid a percentage of the sales of the distributors under his/her team. Therefore, if you can build a large and productive team of Pampered Chef Distributors, and you can market and sell a lot of products, you can potentially make a lot of money.

If you are passionate about cooking, hosting parties and making new friends, the Pampered Chef biz opportunity may be just for you. Pampered Chef encourages distributors to use home parties and other group gatherings to cook and demonstrate the products to customers.

The Pampered Chef Business Tools

Pampered Chef also provides its distributors with tools to help build their businesses. Apart from the Pampered Chef consultant starter kit, as a distributor, you will have access to a personal website, where you can track sales, provide customers with access to an online catalogue of the products, among other functions. The Pampered Chef website is one of your greatest assets when it comes to educating your prospects about the Pampered Chef business opportunity.

Do People Make Money With The Pampered Chef Compensation Plan

This Pampered Chef review would not be complete if I did not cover how successful many Pampered Chef Consultants are.

The Pampered Chef comp plan is a simplistic plan, which shows you the different levels that a distributor can attain within the organisation, starting from Director, rising all the way to Senior Executive Director/National Executive Director. Your income increases as you rise through the levels, and the only way to rise, is to sell more product individually, and within your team or Pampered Chef Distributors.

You will undoubtedly find people at all levels of ranking within Pampered Chef, therefore there are people making money within Pampered Chef. As with any home business however, the majority of Pampered Chef representatives are:

  1. Not making any money at all, OR
  2. Not making as much money as they would like to be making.

Pampered Chef Review: What It Takes To Succeed With This Business Opportunity

Any Pampered Chef review will tell you about the Pampered Chef business, its products or compensation plan. However, as great as these all are, your Pampered Chef success is determined by your ability to market and sell. You will have to market effectively, and your team has to be able to do the same.

Though in-home parties are an effective way to build your business and make sales, you should be utilizing all the tools at your disposal to have laser-targeted leads and prospects chasing you and asking about you and your Pampered Chef business opportunity. The more prospects you have interested in your business, the more income you can potentially make in your Pampered Chef biz opportunity.

A Pampered Chef distributor will join you in your team and stay with you based upon the value and training you can provide them. Remember this when you are researching the Pampered Chef business opportunity.

To Your Success,

Michael T. Makahamadze
P.S. If you have any questions about this Pampered Chef review, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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